Margaret Lyons
August 03, 2009 AT 01:38 PM EDT

Downloadable content for Fallout 3? You don’t say. Today’s Mothership Zeta release — $10 for Xbox and PC — is the fifth add-on for the popular game, which…is kind of nuts. It’s like a whole different game’s worth of downloads. I’m not complaining, especially because Zeta is such a departure:

Ayeee. The range of the DLC for Fallout 3 is sort of spoiling me, though. Now I want wildly different content for my favorite TV shows, too, and downloadable, flash-forward epilogues for movies; I want online-only spin-offs for secondary characters, or an album’s worth of previously unreleased tracks.

Has downloadable game content changed the way you think about other media, PopWatchers? What would you give for extra hours of your beloved TV shows or films?

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