Michael Ausiello
August 03, 2009 AT 05:32 PM EDT

WHO: Leading lady Julianna Margulies and exec producers Robert and Michelle King

PREMISE: Imagine if Elizabeth Edwards left her adulterous husband and became a high-powered lawyer. One of the strongest drama pilots of the year, IMHO. Added bonus: There’s a Gilmore Girls connection (Matt Czuchry’s in it)!

10:01 am/PST: Margulies is late! But she runs on stage giggling and being cute so all’s forgiven.

10:03 am: Margulies really did slap co-star Chris Noth (a.k.a. the lyin’, cheating spouse) in the pilot. “He was like, ‘Oh, please. I’ve been hit so many times.'”

10:07 am: On doing the The Good Wife so soon after the failure of her last legal drama, Fox’s Canterbury’s Law: “I wasn’t eager at all to get back into a court drama because they’re hard… in the shooting process and the language of it. But I found [this] incredibly different.” Biggest difference: This one’s good!

10:14 am: Chris Noth is “an important” part of the series moving forward, says e.p. Robert King.

10:15 am: On why a full-time TV gig makes sense for her now, Margulies says, “I’m a mom and a wife and I need to stay in one place.”

10:22 am: Why aren’t more female political figures embroiled in high profile scandals? “Women just don’t have the time,” Margulies says with a laugh. “Honestly. We’re exhausted.”

10:23 am: Margulies just slammed Patti Blagojevich, saying Rod’s scorned wife shouldn’t be held in the same high regard as the Elizabeth Edwards of the world. “He didn’t cheat on her, he cheated on everyone else,” she argues. “And didn’t she go on some reality show? I mean, God.” Catfight!

10:28 am: “George and I had a great three days,” she says of shooting her ER return last spring. “It was a wonderful way to say goodbye to a great era.”

Next up: Jenna Elfman attempts a sitcom comeback with Accidentally on Purpose.

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