Annie Barrett
August 05, 2009 AT 06:21 PM EDT

Breaking background noise news: Jon Hamm is also sexy in an audio-only format! In his latest guest spot on Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy)’s ‘BS Report’, TV’s Don Draper/premier ham salesman touches on season 3 of Mad Men with some vague metaphors (“A lot of [Don’s] chickens came home to roost, so to speak. He had a lot of balls in the air”), but most of his chatter is about sports. See: “balls.” Honestly, you don’t need to care about the subject matter to get sexily ear-tickled by Jon Hamm’s hearty chuckle. Some of his sentence fragments can easily be singled out and then assigned to briefly overtake one’s inner life. For example, Hamm said that when he showed up at July’s Celebrity Softball Game, “You had to chisel the smile off my face,” and then I spent the better chunk of an hour imagining how would I do that? Would I use a straight razor, and if so, could I touch other parts of his face with my fingers in an effort to make the experience nicer for both of us? Or maybe I’d use a feather and faux-complain, “I don’t know why this isn’t working! You will just need to keep smiling, Jon Hamm!”

January Jones has been cropped out of this promotional Mad Men image so that maybe Don Draper is holding the taxi door open for…you. [More season 3 promo shots at ONTD]

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