Thom Geier
August 05, 2009 AT 01:05 PM EDT

A New Jersey librarian named Andy Woodworth has launched a Facebook group trying to scoop up support for a new flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with a distinctly library theme. As Woodworth notes, the logic boils down to “libraries are awesome” and “Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is tasty.” Hard to argue with that, right? Among the early suggestions: Gooey Decimal System — dark fudge alphabet letters with caramel swirls in hazelnut ice cream; Rocky Read — vanilla with chocolate-covered nuts chocolate chunks and raisins; and Sh-sh-sh-sherbet — key lime or a chocolate/vanilla combination. Tweeters can double dip by posting #tastylibrary tweet treats.

But we don’t need to restrict ourselves to a library theme when we lobby the good folks at Ben & Jerry’s. If rock bands and late-night comics can get themed B&J flavors, why not authors? Butter Pynchon, anyone? Or a scoop of Eat Praline Love? Or perhaps some Stephenie Meyer Lemon Sorbet? Add your own deliciously well-read suggestions in the comments.

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