Leah Greenblatt
August 06, 2009 AT 05:59 PM EDT

PopWatch confession: There is nothing I love better than watching weight-loss-slash-makeover-slash-total-holistic-and-physical-transformation shows — The Biggest Loser,What Not to Wear , even that super creepy one for a while where renewed self-esteem = massive amounts of possibly life-threatening plastic and dental surgery (The Swan?).

The confessional part is how I like to watch them: disheveled, avec tragique hair-bun, couch-prone in my most elastic-waistbandy house pants — and always, always eating (Trader Joe’s jalapeno olives from the jar! Tofutti Cuties! Indiscriminate bowls of carbs! I don’t care!).

That’s why, when the new sneak preview for The Biggest Loser — which bows Tuesday, Sept. 16 — debuted today on NBC’s website (and embedded below), visions of gloriously wasted, semi-horizontal hours to come danced in my head. Honestly, I don’t have TiVo, so the two-hour runtime sometimes exhausts me (eating that many olives is hard) and I just end up tuning in for bits here and there until the final-episode skinny-payoff bonanza. But I’m definitely intrigued by this “Second Chances” theme; sweet house pants, I heed your call!

But you tell me, readers — will you be tuning in? And what delicious polyblend ensemble will you be using as a giant lap-napkin for your Fiddle Faddle- crumbed fingers while you do?

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