Margaret Lyons
August 07, 2009 AT 04:30 PM EDT

The latest entry into the genre of what I like to call cry porn appears to be the Clive Owen-led The Boys Are Back. I defy you to watch this trailer without getting choked up.

Dry your eyes, PopWatchers. I’m consoling myself by thinking about how handsome Clive Owen is. (Pretty handsome!) I generally don’t love “person learns to be a parent” movies, but there are some notable exceptions: I’m nuts about Kramer vs. Kramer, and I could watch Uncle Buck flip giganto pancakes all day long. That said, Big Daddy makes me run for the hills, and I could never really get behind Three Men and a Baby. Yeesh.

Are there certain trials-of-parenting tropes you like to see on screen, PopWatchers? Have you stopped crying yet?

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