Henning Fog
August 08, 2009 AT 08:46 PM EDT

Can you feel it in the air? Shows are ending (The Bachelorette, So You Think You Can Dance), reshaping (American Idol, America’s Got Talent) or about to begin (Mad Men, Project Runway). Nothing is constant anymore; our DVR, so used to the gentle stream of summer programming we’ve come to know and depend on, is in flux.  Those first hints of fall are impossible to ignore. Thankfully, we’ve got PopWatch to guide us through these turbulent times! Here are the posts with the most comments this week:

10. A month and a half after beginning this long, strange trip, we finally have our first batch of America’s Got Talent semifinalists.

9. Let the Tucker Max hate-watch begin! Annie Barrett served up the first I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell trailer…with a heaping side of sass. But seriously, this guy’s terrible.

8. Peter Jackson and The Lovely Bones (what a great folk group that would have been!) got you talking about your own Must List nominations, which were plentiful.

7. Sometimes a simple “this is happening” post is all you need to get the party started. Case in point: a reminder for Wednesday’s So You Think You Can Dance finale.

6. Did something happen this week on American Idol? Why are we asking about a fourth judge? Don’t we already have four? Hello?

5. Chris Nashawaty got you all talking with his “Best movie year: 1984” post; seems you were eager to continue the conversation when he took another pass (or three).

4. Jon & Kate attempt to reclaim their crown after a month-long hiatus.

3. SYTYCD may have ended its season this week, but its routines…well they live forever. Adam B. Vary chose his Top 15.

2. So THAT’S what happened on American Idol. Big news. You and Michael Slezak talked it out.

1. With Chris Harrison just a memory and Twilight dormant — for now — something new had to take the top spot. Who figured it would be dark horse contender The Next Food Network Star? A world turned upside down.

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