Michael Ausiello
August 08, 2009 AT 03:03 PM EDT

Smallville producers are backing down from earlier claims that the coming season would be one of the show’s darkest yet.

Last month, co-showrunner Brian Peterson told me that the theme of season 9 would be “Clark’s darkest hour.” Faster than a speeding bullet, Smallville diehards started to revolt. “Superman fans don’t do dark,” harrumphed one fan, Cathy, in the comments section. “The last movie was dark and it tanked.” Added another fan with the handle Captain Obvious: “Nobody watches a TV show to become depressed.”

Well, everyone can simma down na because Peterson says season 9 won’t be all doom and gloom. “We might’ve misled people a little bit with that,” he confesses. “Clark has some very dark decisions to make and he starts the season in a very dark place, but the season itself won’t be dark.

“In fact,” Peterson continues, “Clark and Lois will be back in each other’s orbits and there will be a lot of the fun that we had last year—even more than we had last year.”

Case in point: In episode three,  Lois and Clark are “in the trenches fighting zombies,” Peterson reveals. “And when they catch their breath from fighting zombies, [romantic] sparks will fly.”

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