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Here's what the 'Halo' movie would've looked like, if the 'District 9' director had his way

As rumors float around the Internet about Steven Spielberg’s interest in making a movie based on Microsoft’s massive Halo videogame series, it’s worth taking a look back at what Neill Blomkamp – the director of the full-of-awesome District 9, and Peter Jackson’s handpicked choice to shoot the long-aborted Halo flick – would’ve done with the material. Lucky for us, the seven-minute short Blomkamp made to show what it’d look like is still online…

Not that I don’t think Spielberg could work magic with HaloSaving Private Ryan meets War of the Worlds comes to mind – but Blomkamp seems to have had it all figured out.

What do you think? Spielberg or Blomkamp? Or neither? Heck, should there even be a Halo movie, or is it best left on a gaming platform?

Originally posted August 11 2009 — 12:30 PM EDT


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