Michael Ausiello
August 11, 2009 AT 03:59 PM EDT

NCIS fans, consider this your one and only warning: “You cannot miss the first minute of our [Sept. 22] season premiere,” teases executive producer Shane Brennan. “You’ll think you know what’s going on, but then you’ll go, ‘Am I seeing things? What just happened?!'”

In possibly related news, Brennan says Tony and Ziva’s relationship “will evolve rapidly” in the opener and then play out over the next three episodes. “And then fans will have to take a big deep breath and try and figure out what will happen next.”

I’m guessing it will involve them eventually sealing the deal, right? “Yes, but I don’t know when,” Brennan hedges. “But at some point, yes. You can’t have an on-again, off-again relationship like this that isn’t on-again at some point in a very unexpected way. We don’t do things by a formula here on NCIS.”

Want more NCIS scoop? You’re in luck—this Thursday’s Ask Ausiello will be chock full of it!

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