Adam Markovitz
August 13, 2009 AT 04:35 PM EDT

NBC has posted a bunch of new clips of its new comedy Community (premiering Sept. 17), starring Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, and that guy who is in every funny movie you’ve seen over the past three years (aka Ken Jeong). The show follows a group of misfits, including a dis-barred lawyer (McHale) and a dippy retiree (Chase) who end up as classmates at a community college.

Judging by these teasers (and the full pilot, posted on Facebook) it’s got the same self-aware, whip-smart vibe that turned 30 Rock into an Emmy magnet—not to mention one of my favorite shows ever. Take a look at this clip below of Señor Chang (Jeong) teaching a Spanish class, and then let us know: Is Community going to be the comedy to beat this fall?

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