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EW Picks: Today's best in pop culture

DVD: Alien Trespass
Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) plays both a human astronomer and an alien voyager in this good-natured homage to 1950s B-movies. Read the review

TV: Into the Pride miniseries premiere (Animal Planet, 8 p.m. EST)
Animal Planet expert Dave Salmoni heads into the African wild to try to save a rogue pride of lions from elimination in this five-part documentary series. Listen, we have nothing but respect for a guy who can live in the jungle for six months – among lions, no less!

Music: The Bachelor, Patrick Wolf
The English avant-gardist’s fourth studio album has attracted healthy buzz among fans of off-kilter indie-pop. Read a 2007 playlist featuring an exclusive Wolf track

Books: The Eleventh Victim, by Nancy Grace
Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. TV host Nancy Grace did indeed write a novel. And considering her penchant for drama, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Could Grace have a future in fiction? Pick up a copy to draw your own conclusions.

Tech: Lyric Rat on Twitter
If you tweet @LyricRat the lyrics to a song you can’t quite place, the bot will tweet you back the song’s title and artist. Pretty rad.

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