Nicole Sperling
August 14, 2009 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Kristen Stewart

On Doing Interviews
Self-evaluation is not my strong point, and you’re constantly asked to critique yourself. You just spent three months on a set and your whole life is wrapped up in that — and then it’s like, ”Okay, define that right now in five seconds.” I can’t do that. I used to get so nervous that I would become a completely different person — and then they would think that that was me. [Laughs] So I’ve tried to calm down, but no one’s ever going to write, ”Oh, she’s actually just a pretty f—in’ average chick who really loves what she does.” That’s not gonna happen.

On Tabloid Speculation
It’s so absurd. I walk out of my trailer with my pants undone — and they think I’m pregnant? I mean, really?! [She looks down at her stomach.] They think I’m pregnant? Come on! [Laughs] Like, dude, I don’t get it.

On Eluding the Paparazzi
It’s hard. I don’t want to give my secrets away, but you, like, sit low in cars. And then you go into an underground parking garage and get into another car — and then you can leave. Once I’m away, I’m fine. I can totally go out. A couple random people might say, ”Oh my God, you’re Bella in Twilight.” But I keep a pretty low profile.

Taylor Lautner

On Jacob
I hope people say that I’m more like the pretranformation side than the cranky wolf. But his wolf side is cool. It’s challenging, because he’s not human. I mean, what human walks around with a frown, and looks like he wants to kill something?

On Bonding with Kristen
It was vital. Edward and Bella’s relationship is so intense, but Jacob and Bella’s is very laid-back. Sometimes there’s a question of, Is it going to go past best friends? And sometimes it looks like it. But they are so open, and they can tell each other everything. So it was very important for me and Kristen to grow very close before doing this. It wasn’t like we went out to, like, theme parks together or anything. It was just, like, going to each other’s houses, hanging out, going and getting some dinner. A lot of nothing — just spending time together.

On Adding 32 Pounds for the Role
The hardest part is not the working out. I knew what I was working for, so to get to the gym and work really hard was easy for me. My body fat got so low that we actually needed to increase it a little bit to be able to build muscle on top of that. Sometimes my trainer would literally be like, ”Go have a huge milk shake just so I can get a thousand calories into your body.” The hardest part was always shoving food down your mouth. I had to be eating every two hours.

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