Michael Slezak
August 14, 2009 AT 08:17 PM EDT

Exactly three years ago, I wrote a “Happy birthday, Jackee Harry!” post on PopWatch, encouraging Marc Cherry and/or Shonda Rhimes to hire the brilliant comic actress for a recurring (or permanent) role on Desperate Housewives and/or Grey’s Anatomy. Neither one took my suggestion. (Boo! Hsss!) Thankfully, she scored herself a recurring spot on Everybody Hates Chris for a minute, but now that The CW has taken that sitcom down to the river with the brick and the brown bag, it’s time to start the movement all over again: SOMEBODY GET JACKEE HARRY BACK ON NETWORK PRIME TIME. I am not even trying to kid around here. I cannot watch this woman in action without busting out laughing. Check out three clips below — from something called The Reluctant Agent, as well as 227 and Dave’s World — and tell me you’re not on board with Operation Jackée. If you’re with me, click past the jump and vote in my important PopWatch poll! Holla! Hey-ey!

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