Lisa Schwarzbaum
August 14, 2009 AT 01:05 PM EDT

The stars are aligned: Owen and I are on the same planet about District 9.

Meanwhile,  all our talk about lousy living conditions for the movie’s unwanted aliens–both in their crippled spaceship and in their  South African ghetto–has made me nostalgic for other space-age movies in which accommodations are less than gleaming. No disrespect to the great, streamlined interior decorating aboard the USS Enterprise in Star Trek, but I what I really love are movies where the interiors look just as funky as you know they’re bound to be when people (or aliens) are cooped up for long periods of time with limited changes of underwear.

Along those lines, I ‘ve always loved the grunginess of the Western-style galactic showdown Outland–it’s High Noon on a volcanic moon of Jupiter, with Sean Connery in the Gary Cooper role as marshal. You can almost smell the B.O. (In particular, I love when strung-out workers blow up inside their space suits, for reasons integral to the plot. But that’s just me.)

What are your favorite sci-fi movies in which housekeeping services aren’t up to snuff?

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