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Rachel McAdams explains time travel to Jon Stewart

On last night’s Daily Show, Rachel McAdams – there to promote The Time Traveler’s Wife (read EW’s review) – could not stop “giving away” the movie. The best part was when Stewart backed up: “But, obviously, that’s not the plot,” as it allowed both of them to backpedal a bit and also echoed what was on everyone’s mind: Dude, THAT’S your plot? I wish he’d dug a little deeper into the absurdity of a time-traveling romance – we could have had a Hurley vs. Miles situation à la Lost. We were kind of getting there when she started talking about the meadow.

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It just occurred to me that I do not currently know anyone who dislikes Rachel McAdams. She’s a bit like Paul Rudd that way, no? McAdams’ scatter-shot plot reveal and adorable elbow-lean do make me a bit more likely to (eventually) see The Time Traveler’s Wife – what about you? And, as PopWatch asked back in June: Can the film reestablish McAdams as a Hollywood It Girl?