Annie Barrett
August 14, 2009 AT 06:35 PM EDT

School officials in Philadelphia will vote next week on whether to allow Tony Danza to begin teaching 10th-grade English at Northeast High School. At stake: a proposed A&E reality series called Teach. This has 2007’s ill-fated Armed & Dangerous written all over it, except instead of letting LaToya Jackson enforce law, they’ll be letting Tony Danza teach kids. Hold up for a second:

Interesting. Also, are we sure 10th-grade English is the best fit for Tony Danza? I’d feel more comfortable if the former history major could teach a fun history elective (New Decade, Same Mullet?) or “Acting”…or even a cooking class. “Yo, Angela, Don’t Fill Up On the Antipasto!” Danza is a published author, after all….

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