Missy Schwartz
August 16, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Another reason to love Brooke Elliott’s Jane Bingum from Drop Dead Diva: When she goes night-night, she dreams of Tim Gunn. Yes, in a bit of savvy cross-branding courtesy of Lifetime, Project Runway‘s dapper mentor made a quick guest appearance on Diva, popping out from behind Jane’s mirror to share his wisdom. Gunn was only on screen for a single minute, but as those of us who have an above-average obsession with Runway know, Mr. Make It Work does not waste words — even when they’re scripted by TV writers. With five quick little sound bites, he managed to get me even more off-the-wall- bonkers excited that Runway is finally sassing its way back into our living rooms this Thursday. His bons mots:

“Good god! What is this, Project Run-on Sentence?”

Whyyyyyyy are you wearing a wedding gown, Jane?” [Bonus points for adorable, exaggerated hand gestures]

“Jane, darling, this worries me.”

“Consider a high-quality textile. It has a depth and an authenticity that can’t be faked. It sells itself. People are the same way.”

“Actually, I was going to say that this bolero jacket compromises your silhouette.”

Tim Gunn is like fresh summer basil: Sprinkle him on something, and that something becomes just a little bit more delightful.

How much did you relish Gunn’s cameo on Drop Dead Diva?

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