Jennifer Armstrong
August 18, 2009 AT 03:03 PM EDT

College Humor takes on the very pertinent topic of boring, useless Tweets by offering a solution. Tweet #Tweetlejuice three times @thepersonyouhate…and, “Bam! They’re out of commission”:

Pausing on the best part — right at the beginning when they show the guy’s Twitter updates on his phone screen — has convinced me that they stole my actual, real-life Facebook feed full of people from high school that I would never have thought of again if it weren’t for social media, and, well, people from junior high I would never have thought of again if it weren’t for social media. (“My favorite color used to be beige, but now it’s grey.” “Feeling so-so. Mom thinks I might have mild allergies.” “Can’t wait to get drinks with my girls later. Whooooo!”) I must admit I’m the first person to complain about the innocuous-to-oversharing-to-delusional spectrum most status updates seem to run — but I also think it’s hilarious that the only thing cooler than a cleverly obtuse Tweet is to moan about how uncool all other Tweeters are. As if we are forced by law to sign up for and then pore over every word of Twitter and Facebook.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Is it cool or uncool to gripe about the uncool on your Twitter feed?

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