Tanner Stransky
August 21, 2009 AT 07:29 PM EDT

Peruse the upcoming music release calendar and one theme crystallizes: This fall belongs to the diva.

Well, I suppose it remains to be seen if the fall will actually belong to bombastic songstresses — they’ve gotta make a splash with sales, appearances, airplay, and all that first. (And some diva-esque antics would probably help stir up some excitement, too. Just sayin’.) But the ladies pictured at the left here are surely making a play for dominance with four releases that have the potential to be huge.

First up, of course, is Whitney Houston’s comeback album, I Look to You, on Aug. 31. Then on Sept. 29, comes a trifecta of releases: Barbra Streisand’s Love is the Answer, Mariah Carey’s twice-delayed Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, and Madonna’s greatest-hits album Celebration. (Hilariously enough, The Hills‘ Heidi Montag drops her album the same day. But I’m not about to include her in the “diva” category.) The short of it is, it’s an exciting time to be a diva lover!

Still, I have mixed feelings about all the releases. I’ll give you a few words on my anticipation for each diva’s disc. Whitney: Excited, but nervous. Madonna: Sure, I’ll buy it all yet again. Duh. Barbra: Ehh, it’s Barbra, which is always so Barbra. Mariah: Love “Obsessed,” but the rest better be even better.

But let’s get real here — I’m going to buy them all. Again, duh! But what about all of you out there? Which of these four albums are you most excited about? If you only buy one, which will it be? Based on what you’ve heard so far, what are you loving most?

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