Ken Tucker
August 25, 2009 AT 12:42 PM EDT

More chic commenters than I will have to tell you whose dress Anna Wintour was wearing last night on her virgin voyage onto The Late Show with David Letterman, but I do know that the two-segment exchange was, as both host and guest seemed to want it, low-key yet prickly and pleasingly insistent.

Here was Hoosier boy Dave (“Let me tell ya what’s chewin’ at my liver today,” he began one post-monologue rumination last night) versus the self-mockingly self-described “ice queen… dominatrix” Wintour, editor of Vogue and present to promote the new documentary about her, The September Issue.

Striding onstage wearing big sunglasses, an apparent joke about her inaccessibility that she quickly removed, Wintour was mostly poker-faced and highly resistent to Dave’s line of questioning. Maybe that’s because Letterman wanted to talk about how one remains “fashionable” during economic lean times, and Wintour, with her Vogue feeling the crunch all magazines do right now, didn’t have a heckuva lot of answers to that. Given Dave’s hypothetical $20 to spend on “being fashionable,” she replied, “You could buy lipstick.”

Actually, Wintour came off as she probably wanted: a bit intimidating (“I am not always warm and cuddly”) but a good editor, a fine maintainer of order. “I’m very desicive, I give clear direction,” she said of her style as a boss.

Kinda like Dave, except with a clipped accent. Too bad she didn’t take Letterman up on his offer to hit baseballs with his other guest, Mark Teixeira. She did make me want to see the movie director R.J. Cutler has made about her and Vogue, though.

How about you? Did you watch?

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