Ken Tucker
August 29, 2009 AT 01:41 PM EDT

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten hooked on The Wendy Williams Show. From its disco-era title logo to its host’s ceaseless chatter about her hair, her shoes, and the sex lives of her guests, the Williams Show has quickly proven to be a smashing TV version of Williams’ popular radio show. Dishier than a cereal bowl, Williams looks straight at the camera and takes you into her confidence. She speaks with amazing speed, but it’s not babble: she can deliver praise, ridicule, sarcasm, and censure all in the space of a verbal paragraph, as in this recent commentary about the news that 50 Cent (“No one cares about him anymore”) had auditioned for Mr. T’s role in the movie version of The A-Team:

Williams goes where other talk-show hosts do not. You won’t hear the middle-aged white guys at night asking their guests about hair extensions and dress size, nor will they speak as frankly about race relations and pop-culture cliches about black people. Williams is alternately hilarious and completely on-point about many subejcts. Plus, she gets to the source of many ancient myths, such as the oft-rumored feud between Jackee Harry and Marla Gibbs on 227:

Yeah, I don’t think you’ll ever catch Conan O’Brien saying, “You used to be very diva-licious about being called just ‘Jackee.'” Of course, you won’t see O’Brien and his brethren booking Jackee, either.

I’m curious: Are you watching The Wendy Williams Show? What do you think of it?

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