Margaret Lyons
August 31, 2009 AT 01:56 PM EDT

Glee and Fringe are jumping into the future (sort of) with “tweet-peats” this week, Fox’s cute idea to broadcast reruns with real-time commentary from the producers and stars, provided via everyone’s favorite social media blogging platform. Fringe‘s Josh Jackson and John Noble will be tweeting up a storm on Thursday @FringeOnFox), discussing last season’s penultimate episode, and on Friday, Glee‘s Kevin McHale and Lea Michele will be tweeting a director’s cut of the show’s pilot (@GleeOnFox).

Fox will be running a scroll of the commentary, too, so it’s not exactly a brand-new blend of TV and technology — it’s more like Pop-Up Video meets any cable news show that broadcasts viewer mail. You don’t have to have a Twitter account to read the respective feeds, plus the tweets themselves are going to be right there on yer teevee screen, no computer or phone necessary. For a high-tech gimmick, most viewers won’t be using any tech at all.

Twitter-reliant or not, I still think this is solid-as-a-rock idea. I’m fanatical about listening to DVD commentary tracks; I read — and write — live-blogs; I often watch shows “with” my friends just by IMming about it the whole time, not by actually being together. So bring on the behind-the-scenes info and the answers to fan questions, Fox! Your plan to get me excited about the new fall season is tooootally working.

PHOTO CREDIT: Craig Blankenhorn/Fox

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