Tim Stack
August 31, 2009 AT 06:50 PM EDT

Fox and Columbia Records announced plans today to release a soundtrack to my favorite new show of the fall, Glee, with quite an eclectic track listing.

  1. “Don’t Stop Believin’”
  2. “Can’t Fight This Feeling”
  3. “Gold Digger”
  4. “Take a Bow”
  5. “Bust Your Windows”
  6. “Taking Chances”
  7. “Alone”
  8. “Maybe This Time”
  9. “Somebody to Love”
  10. “Hate On Me”
  11. “No Air”
  12. “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”
  13. “Keep Holding On”
  14. “Bust a Move”
  15. “Sweet Caroline”
  16. “Dancing with Myself”
  17. “Defying Gravity”

Being a Glee fanatic—and lucky enough to have visited the set twice so far—I have some info on a few of the tracks you might be wondering about.

“Gold Digger” appears in the series premiere, airing Sept. 9 at 9pm, with Will (Matthew Morrison) taking lead vocals during a glee club rehearsal. While it sounds like it could be a hot mess, the whole performance is actually quite charming. Rachel (Lea Michele) performs Rihanna’s “Take a Bow” as the capper to the same episode. Fantastic. Rachel also tackles “No Air,” a duet between her and Finn (Cory Montieth), as well as Wicked‘s “Defying Gravity,” with Kurt (Chris Colfer).  “Bust Your Windows” was already released on Hulu and is a Mercedes (Amber Riley) showstopper. Mercedes handles the cover of Jill Scott’s “Hate on Me,” a number I saw performed live and it is AH-MAZING. “Keep Holding On” is a big group number pegged to a twist involving cheerleader Quinn (Dianna Argon). And I believe “Bust a Move” is another Will number.

What do you think of these song selections, Music Mix-ers? Will you buy the Glee soundtrack? And how excited for the September 9th premiere are you?

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