Ken Tucker
September 03, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

I know they have to stretch things out on the Big Brother live eviction show, but the moment I dread most is the visit to the jury house, and this week was no exception. To have to listen to Lydia simper, “I have a little crush on Jessie,” and to watch that muscle-head rip his shirt off in — what, celebration of the arrival of Russell? It’s the house of dummies.

Can you explain to me why it’s such a big deal that Natalie has shaved a few years off her age, and isn’t the 18 year-old she claims? It not only came up in the jury house, but Jeff mentioned his “destiny” being in the hands of “an 18 year-old.”

Who cares? The overriding point is that Natalie ruined a helluva lot of good future drama (and comedy) in the Big Brother 11 house by not taking Jeff’s jerry-rigged offer of complete safety for another week and voted him out. Even though I’m still rooting for Michele to win, she doesn’t have the TV-friendly personality that made Jeff such a non-stop pleasure to watch.

Kevin may have made the season’s most clever joke in his reference to the “Pandora’s Box”: “Under any other circumstance, I wouldn’t mind being bent over and handcuffed over a box.” But the sweet friendship between Jeff and Jordan, their goofy yet sincere attempts to keep each other’s spirits up… well, it was unique in Big Brother, don’t you think?

I suppose it led to a different kind of good drama. Julie Chen said Jeff received the  first audience standing ovation, and we got to see Natalie win Head of Household and crow stupidly, “I did it sticking to my word!” Not hardly. “This is for Chima!” Natalie yelled. Oh, great: the tiresome martyr of Big Brother 11 was invoked and praised yet again.

It’s going to be a grueling week with Natalie strutting around, don’t you think? Did you watch?

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And check Lynette Rice’s exit interview with Jeff below:

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