EW Staff
September 04, 2009 AT 07:32 PM EDT

We realize it’s kinda cheeky to toot our own horn and ask you to vote for us now that our Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert cover from last October has been nominated for not one but two ASME Best Covers of the Year Awards. Sure, our interpretation of the New Yorker’s Michelle and Barack Obama cover is both brilliant and hilarious. But we are aware that pointing out said brilliance and hilarity, and asking you to express your appreciaction with a vote (in both the Entertainment/Celebrity category and the Obama Cover category), could be construed as…well, a bit gauche. But honestly, this isn’t just about silly old EW and our really cool and funny cover. Do it for Stewart and Colbert. Or do it for American democracy! Do it for change you can believe in! Do it for cross dressers! Jon, Stephen, the EW staff, and a swath of Manhattan west of 6th Avenue thank you for it.

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