Mandi Bierly
September 04, 2009 AT 06:37 PM EDT

Due to the ability to fast-forward through commercials, I just saw my first TV spot for the Jennifer Aniston-Aaron Eckhart dramedy Love Happens last night. I swear it made it look like it was a romantic comedy about Jennifer Aniston’s character being unlucky in love. My alarm went off because there’s NO WAY a movie could have that simple of a plot. So I came in today and found the full trailer online: I was right! Aaron Eckhart is a widower who channels his loss into a career as a self-help author, and it turns out he’s just as emotionally scrambled. Great idea for a film. But something you may want to know if you’ve, say, recently lost your spouse.

Ever since I went to see The Family Stone as an escape when my father was going through chemotherapy — because the trailer neglected to mention that a parent was battling cancer in the holiday comedy — and ended up sobbing in my chair in front of my mother, my sister, and the theater’s clean-up crew, I’ve been very sensitive about movie marketing. I realize you can’t give away major plot points, but even in the short TV spots, you need to at least be honest about the tone of the film.

Anyone else ever watch a film you weren’t emotionally prepared for thanks to a misleading trailer? Vent here.

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