Benjamin Svetkey
September 08, 2009 AT 09:43 PM EDT

Tomorrow is the big speech. The one that will change all our lives and set a bold new course for the future. No, not Obama’s on health care. We’re talking about Steve Jobs’ talk at the Apple event in San Francisco on Wednesday, his first stage appearance since returning from sick leave earlier this summer. What awesome new gadgets will the Apple founder be beaming to us from the future? What everyone’s hoping for, of course, is the iTablet. Bigger than the iPhone, smaller than the monolith from 2001 (but just as magical), this next generation touch-screen hand-held computer could be the Kindle’s worst nightmare. It could, in fact, do to publishing what the iPod did to the music business—create a new Apple-controlled electronic distribution hub that lets readers download books and magazines from iTunes. Chances are, though, the iTablet is still another year away. Which is why others speculate that Jobs’ announcement tomorrow will instead herald a truce between Apple the computer company and Apple the record company—they’d been feuding for years over the fact that they both use the same piece of fruit as their logo—and that the Beatles will finally be coming to iTunes. The timing seems right: Sept 9 also happens to be the day of the release of the Beatles digitally remastered catalog, as well as Rock Band’s heavily-hyped new Beatles game. Others, though, have more down to earth expectations—perhaps a redesigned iPod, with a camera or GPS? A new version of iTV? Or will we be disappointed with merely some measly software updates.

What do you think Pop Watchers? What do you want Steve Jobs to bring with him tomorrow?

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