Margaret Lyons
September 09, 2009 AT 05:08 PM EDT

There’s nothing weird about this photo at all. Nope. Nothing weird about eating a cake replica of yourself, or about acting like Scooby Doo is real, and there’s definitely no strange dissonance between cake Scooby’s canine physicality and guy-in-a-suit Scooby’s human one, nor does the angle of the photo make it look like real Cesar has two right hands. This is just a nice normal photo of normal stuff.

Weirdness — or non-weirdness! — aside, Cartoon Network donated $10,000 (plus 40,000 Snausage Scooby Snacks) to the Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation, which supports “the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of abused and abandoned dogs.” So I guess happy 40th birthday to both of you!

PopWatchers, in attempting to track down Scooby’s actual birthday from within the Scooby lore — the press release cites the show’s premiere as Scooby’s birthday, which…is not the same, OMG NERD — I discovered a few amazing tidbits of trivia. My favorite (and it’s from Wikipedia so I don’t even know if it’s true and my editor won’t let be spend any more time on this post so I can’t look it up to verify so fine I don’t care) is that in France, Scooby-Doo is sometimes spelled “Scoubidou.”

Scoubi, Scoubidou, where are you? Does this photo give anyone else the willies, or do food replicas of people (and cartoon dogs) not bug you?

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