Margaret Lyons
September 09, 2009 AT 09:09 PM EDT

The big news out of Apple’s product-launch event today: Steve Jobs was there! The ailing visionary — who’d been out of the public eye for about a year — returned in his typical mock-turtleneck to a huge reception, even if he was delivering slightly less-than-huge news. The biggest announcement? Nanos now come with built-in video cameras: The 8GB/$149 or 16 GB/$179 models both have Flip cam-fighting capabilities (and built-in radios and pedometers, too). The rest of the announcements weren’t earth-shattering, but still, some cool stuff:

Gaming Apple talked a really big talk about making the iPhone/iPod Touch the next handheld gaming device. According to the presentation, there are 607 games for the PSP, 3,680 for the DS, and 21,178 for the iPhone/Touch. It’s not a totally fair comparison, but okay. Developers showed off a few new games, but the biggest stand-out for me was Madden NFL making its way to ye olde iPhone.

LPs Jobs wants to bring back the bonus features that used to come with LPs — think liner notes, photography, etc. iTunes will now features “LP” versions of albums as part of iTunes 9, which is otherwise just a thorough upgrade.

Upgrades iPod Touches just got a bit cheaper: The 8GB is now $199, the 32GB is $299, and the 64GB is $399. And the classic iPod got a memory boost to 160 GB for $249. That’s a lotta hooch GBs. And shuffles will have better headphones.

PopWatchers, as alluring as a video-camera-enabled iPod is, Nanos just don’t have enough memory for me. But is their candy-colored goodness enough to lure you in for an upgrade?

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