Ken Tucker
September 11, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Billed as “A Sister’s Story,” the 20/20 interview with La Toya Jackson conducted by Barbara Walters was crammed with nutty and, as Walters termed them, “inflammatory” charges and opinions about her brother, Michael Jackson. Of course, who knows the truth surrounding almost anything about so private and eccentric a figure as Michael, but, gathered together, La Toya’s assertions this evening were — well, you decide:

She said that Michael told her repeatedly, “La Toya, they’re going to murder me. If I die, they killed me.” Who “they” were, La Toya did not say.

She said the doctors caring for Michael were “hired by someone else,” not Michael. Walters described a “shadowy entourage” surrounding Michael, but she went no further down that path.

La Toya said of Michael, “He was murdered. I don’t know exactly who [did it]… this is just my opinion.”

La Toya said that their father Joe, alone among the family members “tried almost every week” to intervene in Michael’s use of drugs. This despite numerous interviews Michael himself gave asserting that he was terrified of and full of hatred for his father because of the beatings the elder man had inflicted upon Michael as a youth. (La Toya maintains Michael had “made amends” with Joe.)

The interview took a side-route into La Toya’s own life, so that she could tell us about how her ex-husband, Jack Gordon, used to lock her in a closet for eight hours at a time, and, said Walters, “forced her to pose for Playboy and several pornographic videos.”

La Toya said that, before Michael was buried, he “looked fabulous” and that his body was clothed in white with a “big gold belt like a prizefighter would wear.” Walters, with that uncanny knack of hers, asked the question we were all thinking: “Was he wearing one glove?”

Whaaat?? Oh, sorry: La Toya took this seriously. “No,” she said. “Two black leather gloves.”

La Toya said of her brother, “He was the closest to a god that I know.”

Oh, it was a fine night for investigative reporting over at 20/20. Is it any wonder John Stossel is jumping ship and swimming over to the shark-infested waters of Fox News?

Did you watch the La Toya Jackson interview? What did you think?

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