Kerrie Mitchell
September 11, 2009 AT 09:58 AM EDT

While Ellen DeGeneres is making news in the music industry with her new Idol gig, her daytime talk show may be in trouble with multiple record companies. The AP reports that several labels, including Warner Bros., Sony Music, and Motown Records, have sued the producers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, claiming they violated the copyrights of over 1,000 songs that are routinely used when DeGeneres and her audience dances at the beginning of each episode. Wrote the AP report: “According to the suit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Nashville, when representatives of the recording companies asked defendants why they hadn’t obtained licenses to use the songs, defendants said they didn’t ‘roll that way.'” A spokesman for the show’s production company told the AP that the suit did not involve DeGeneres herself, and that they are working to come to “amicable and reasonable terms.”

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