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September 11, 2009 AT 04:00 AM EDT

While True Blood is on hiatus, sink your fangs into vampire books: On bn.com, Barnes & Noble offers a well-priced, luxe-looking edition of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles as part of their Leatherbound Classics collection ($19.99 each, and get a second title from their selection — which includes The Complete Sherlock Holmes, The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide, and The Chronicles of Narnia — for a wildly affordable $10). And for a bloody good deal in paperback, Walmart.com features a special Sookie Stackhouse seven-volume boxed set of novels by Charlaine Harris for $28 (yep, four bucks a book).

Remember him when? Before Brad Pitt was a Basterd, he spent years churning out leading-man roles to become the box office superstar we know and love. With bargain-priced DVDs now available on Buy.com for less than a 10-spot, you can revisit an earlier era in Pitt’s career: A River Runs Through It ($9.97), Legends of the Fall ($6.30), Seven ($9.99 for a special two-disc edition), The Devil’s Own ($7), and Snatch ($6.30).

Whether you’re sitting in the dark playing games on Facebook, leaving comments on EW.com, or watching cats on YouTube, it’s time you saw the light. Right now at ThinkGeek.com, the backlit Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED keyboard, which lets you customize your QWERTY keys to light up in a rainbow of colors when you type, is on sale for $149.99 (originally $200).


— $7
Music Values
Target.com has deals on discs like the Alicia Keys album As I Am for just $6.99, including a bonus DVD of her Hollywood Bowl concert.

— $20
Stephen King Says…
”I would go see the horror movie Carriers. Six bucks. A medium popcorn (lots of butter), Junior Mints, and Diet Pepsi can be had for an additional $12.50. A fine time, and a dollar left over for an instant-scratch lottery ticket. If my wife wants to come with me (doubtful, considering the subject matter), we’d share a small popcorn and Coke. For love, I can economize.”

— 40% OFF
Fall’s Best Books
Attention, early birds: Both Borders and Barnes & Noble knock 40 percent off major fall titles (including Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol) if you preorder online.

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