Wendy Mitchell
September 12, 2009 AT 02:30 PM EDT

Classically trained pianist Oksana Grigorieva somehow got Hollywood bigwig Mel Gibson to direct her first music video, Evening With Daddy. It might have a littlesomething to do with her carrying Gibson’s eighth child. So this video was disturbing right from the title (As Slezak pleaded, “Please tell me it’s not a romantic ballad sung to Mel. Please.”) Actually, it seems to be about music freeing her soul; if the lyrics “let the music take me home” are too obtuse, then Hollywood director Mel rams home the message with some not-so-subtle shots of Oksana being trapped in a bird cage and then pushing a piano over a mountain. The video was shot earlier this year in Mexico City, either before Grigorieva had a baby bump (she’s currently said to be about six- or seven-months pregnant) or with a lot of CGI to get a stomach thatflat. There are a few lyrics that could be interpreted as a timely response to becoming tabloid fodder as Mel’s new squeeze after the end of his 28-year marriage: “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do now/Can’t nobody judge me ’cause it could be you now,” Grigorieva sings.

What do you think: Can Mel’s baby mama sing? Are you digging Gibson’s music video direction? Or are you too distracted by those lingering shots of her ankle tattoo to notice much else?

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