Mandi Bierly
September 13, 2009 AT 01:29 PM EDT

We’ll miss the definition of his pectorals, but Alex O’Loughlin is right: The fitted scrubs in the pilot of his new CBS organ donor drama Three Rivers (premieres Oct. 4) did make it look like an episode of Star Trek. In the video interview below, shot at his photo shoot for EW’s Fall TV Preview issue (on newsstands now), the Aussie also talks about the downfall of Moonlight: “We had a very, very difficult time. We had like four or five different showrunners, and people were quitting and getting sick, and producers were like fighting with each other. I don’t know what was going on, but there was a lot of behind-the-scenes politics…. There was a lot of drama, and it’s not supposed to be about that drama — it’s supposed to be about the drama on the screen.”

Let’s hope the decision to ditch those fitted scrubs was unanimous.

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