Ken Tucker
September 14, 2009 AT 03:59 PM EDT

Sitting in Barbara Walters’ usual chair, Kate Gosselin began the first of two days as a guest co-host on The View this morning. She dodged Sherri Shepherd’s blunt question, “How do you feel about [Jon] bringing that [girlfriend] around your children?” But she did address the people who tell her to, as she put it, “just stop” filming Jon & Kate Plus Eight.

At this point in life, she said, she can’t exist with “the lack of a paycheck… I need to be out there working hard.”

She took part in the “Hot Topics,” getting off a nice line about Madonna’s self-important Michael Jackson VMA speech, in which every fact Madonna recited about Jackson was followed with  ” … so did I.” Kate carried Madonna’s line of ego-reasoning a tad further, suggesting that the singer would probably say: “Michael Jackson passed away, but I haven’t.”

Kate also weighed in on her child-bearing cable-mates the Duggar family, now expecting a 19th child, calling upon her first career as a labor-and-delivery nurse. Gosselin expressed worry for Michelle Duggar’s health in giving birth to so many children. “For her, it’s scary,” she said, speaking knowledgably about the uterine wall. (Hey, it’s The View: women talk about these things among each other.)

All in all, no fireworks, but a quite creditable job.

Did you watch? What do you think?

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