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'South Park' Kanye West 'gay fish' episode to re-air

Normally, Kanye West’s puppy-stomping on the VMAs last night would be exactly the kind of celebrity misbehavior perfect for parody on South Park. Except South Park already delivered the perfect Kanye-skewering episode five months ago, which is why Comedy Central will re-air it tomorrow for two straight hours, starting at 9 p.m. ET. If you’re unfamiliar with the insta-brills episode (read our original take on it), entitled “Fishsticks,” this clip (with some NSFW language) should get you up to speed:

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How good was this episode? Instead of an ALL CAPS rant, it got Kanye to apologize for his out-of-control ego – now that is some good TV. Will you re-watch the episode, PopWatchers? Or do you think this is exactly the kind of attention the rapper/genius/homosexual haddock lives on?