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Regina Spektor feat. Joshua Bell, 'The Left Hand Song': A Music Mix exclusive stream

Fans of winsome folkie Regina Spektor may already know the song below; it’s been popping up in her live sets for years (where it’s often referred to as “The Meatball Song” or “ ‘A Lesson In How Fleeing Preservation Is”), but remains unrecorded – until now.

Now, the track has both an official name, “The Left Hand Song” (being that it was composed using, well, Spektor’s left hand), and an official release – on star violinist Joshua Bell’s upcoming Sept 29 album At Home With Friends (other “friends” on the disc include Sting, Josh Groban and Kristin Chenowith) Listen below:

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What do you think, Music Mixers – how does it compare to the concert version you’re used to?

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Originally posted September 15 2009 — 8:38 AM EDT


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