Annie Barrett
September 15, 2009 AT 08:30 PM EDT

Tyra Banks would like to weigh in on The Jay Leno Show‘s series debut! In her immortal words… “Jay Leno: Here is your best. Shot.”

It’s tough to predict how much of Leno’s massive, 18 million-viewer audience will return tonight — and for the rest of the week. We’ll never know how many of those people wanted to see Kanye West’s interview. Or how many were just curious about the program some (but not Leno himself) were calling “The Future of Television”…or, for that matter, how many had dozed off on the floor after a few too many burgers ‘n’ beers during America’s Got Talent. Tonight’s episode could be the real test.

Are you in for round 2 of Leno? And which moment stood out for you during the premiere? I’m personally hoping Jay will make the awkward-presidential-handshake routine a nightly thing. There was some major Idol-esque Swaybot action going on for a few seconds there, and the subsequent shot of the masses turning away from him to shuffle back to their seats was sort of hilarious and bizarre. Jay holding up the Seinfeld reunion issue of Entertainment Weekly (pictured) was a close second, though.

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