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'Keep F---ing That Chicken,' PopWatchers

PopWatch is still investigating whether Fox 5 News anchor Ernie Anastos’ “Keep f—ing that chicken” outburst (embedded below) was really a subliminal cross-promotion for KJLA TV’s Cannabis Planet. One thing we know for sure is that “Keep f—ing that chicken” works as a blanket retort of friendly support in nearly all personal and professional situations. For example, Michael Slezak just told me he’d received two dinner rolls instead of one at the create-your-own-pasta place. Oh, really? How nice for you! Keep f—ing that chicken, buddy! This qualifies as “professional” because we are both currently at the office.

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Leave your best setups for “Keep f—ing that chicken” in the comments, before this tenderly baked slice of ridiculata becomes annoying.