Jeff Labrecque
September 17, 2009 AT 04:46 PM EDT

Can there be such a thing as a Mamma Mia sequel without ABBA music? Maybe. First Meryl Streep teased that she’d welcome a sequel to the smash movie musical, as long as all the film’s male actors returned. Then, ABBA chieftain Benny Andersson seemed to shoot down the possibility by insisting that his band’s music would not be involved in any follow-up. And now, Colin Firth, in Toronto to promote Tom Ford’s A Single Man, shared with that “people who do want to make [a sequel] are considering the possibility of using another band’s music.” (Universal had no comment on Firth’s statements.)

Recreating the same Mamma Mia musical magic with an entirely different artist’s catalog might be a pointless task. But not impossible. So let’s help Universal figure this out. The music has to be from the 1970’s. Has to. And obviously, the music has to be infectious. The Bee Gees are ideal. Too ideal, actually, especially since their music is too closely associated with Saturday Night Fever. Elton John might be good. I loved what Baz Luhrmann did with “Your Song” in Moulin Rouge, and his extensive catalog could easily sustain 120 minutes. But my first choice would be Fleetwood Mac. Their songs are sing-out-loud rapturous, but they also tell stories full of sublimated tension that would enhance the narrative.

What do you think, Mamma Mia fans? Could you envision dancing to anyone but ABBA in a sequel? Would you rather they simply quit while they were ahead or are you open to seeing Meryl flapping her arm to “Edge of Seventeen”? If not, is there another band that the filmmakers should pursue?

Photo Credit: Peter Mountain

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