Leah Greenblatt
September 25, 2009 AT 08:14 PM EDT

Who is this human mortal, with the long dark hair and the Yamaha keyboard and the … regular-people pants? Surely, not Lady Gaga as we know and love/loathe/love to loathe (multiple choice!) her.

Where is the red lace face monster? The goth-Victorian Phantom of the Opera with the friendly neck pigeons? Nary a casual-Friday hair-bow ‘n nipple-tape combo to be found here, friends.

Watch the Artist Formerly Known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta performing the song “Hollywood” at a small New York Club in January 2006, and marvel at the transformative power of leotards, peroxide, and major-label dollars:

What do you think, Music Mixers — can you read her Poker Face better now, or back in the brown-haired, basement-y days? (Spoiler alert: She still says “F—” a lot.)

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