Annie Barrett
September 25, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

You’ve seen the Sound Bites area of our magazine before. As of today, IT HAS MAGICALLY BECOME A VIDEO. I am the host. What were they thinking? No idea. Press play below for Neil Patrick Harris hero worship, lessons in trash-talking from House and Modern Family, Mad Men‘s foray into slasher territory, the unfortunate illusion that I am wearing thigh-high boots, and so much more. BRB.





I probably would have added the Adorable Bicep Jabs between Epperson and his model Matar on last night’s Project Runway, if I’d seen it in time. Obviously, we can’t include every show each week, but let me know which award-worthy TV moments jump out at you over the six days in this post’s comments section (or @EWAnnieBarrett), and they could appear in next week’s show! Vote for your favorite featured clip in the poll below.



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