Mandi Bierly
September 26, 2009 AT 06:50 AM EDT

While I think we can all agree that the Kate Bush song “This Woman’s Work” will never be used as effectively as it was in She’s Having a Baby, the season 5 premiere of CBS’ Ghost Whisperer — which brought the complicated delivery of Melinda’s son, Aiden, then a five-year time jump has divided fans. Which side are you on? Discussion and poll after the jump!

Maybe it’s because I know where the executive producers are headed — Aiden will be able to sense things on that next plane, after spirits have crossed over or under, which threatens powerful beings there — but I’m still hopeful that he’ll expand the show, not hurt it. As Carl the Watcher (David Clennon) finally revealed at the end of the episode, Aiden is also an empath. He can share other people’s feelings and experiences. He has a connection with Melinda that allows her to see his visions and for him to somehow hear her voice, even if he doesn’t know it’s her, when she needs him to. I don’t want his storyline to become 100 percent of the show — and judging by the freaky promo for next week’s chain email scarefest, it won’t — but I think it definitely gives the writers new things to explore, new ways to make Jennifer Love Hewitt cry (knowing your son is experiencing people’s pain, and you can’t stop it?). Only time will tell if they can pull it off. Just like we’ll have to wait to see if Jim’s longer hair will grow on me us.

Speaking of David Conrad, did you catch the name, S. James Lucas, M.D., on his white coat? He tells people that he goes by his middle name, so that’s why everyone will call him Jim and not Sam. We, the viewers, are still the only ones who see him as Jim, to Melinda and everyone else, he has the body of Sam, the man Jim’s soul stepped in to least season. And remember, Aiden was conceived when Jim was still in his old body. Melinda just didn’t find out she was pregnant until after he died.

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