Kate Ward
September 29, 2009 AT 09:23 PM EDT

Seriously, people. Have we gotten to this point? It’s bad enough that folks in movie theaters have taken to interrupting films by eating loud snacks and reciting the Gettysburg Address to their moms on their cell phones. But now we’re forced to put up with such behavior in the theater theater? What’s next? Interrupting the president during a speech? (Oops, we can check that one off too.)

During a performance of Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman’s Broadway show, A Steady Rain, an audience member’s cell phone began ringing, forcing Jackman to stop mid-monologue to tell the theater-goer, “We can wait…Don’t be embarrassed. Just grab it.” Then, shortly after that little display of rudeness, the dude’s phone started ringing again. Now, I understand that mistakes happen. Back when ring tones were popular, my classmates would once in awhile be forced to listen to Britney Spears’ “Boys” when I accidentally left my cell phone on during lecture in college. (Terrible choice, I know.) But after that little display of embarrassment, you damn well believe I turned the phone off. (Also, apparently, that audience member wasn’t the only one seemingly sporting a cell phone — another patron somehow managed to get the whole scene on tape.)

Seeing that, as a society, we now seem unable to take in a television show, movie, or theater without playing around with our Blackberries or iPhones, is it time that we bring back ushers in entertainment venues? How else can we get people to STFU in theaters? (Unleash the wrath of Wolverine on them?) And what was the most egregious instance of movie/theater interruption that you’ve ever experienced?

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