Keith Staskiewicz
October 05, 2009 AT 05:28 PM EDT

Set your watch-dogs because the team that brought us the beloved children’s book The Phantom Tollbooth are back together on a new project for the first time in 49 years. Author Norton Juster and illustrator Jules Feiffer are collaborating on The Odious Ogre, which is set for a fall 2010 release.

“Norton and I agreed some time ago to do a book together every fifty years,” Feiffer joked in the press release, “And now that the first fifty are up, we are talking about our next venture after The Odious Ogre. Fifty years hence, look for either The Phantom Ogre or The Odious Tollbooth.”

However, Juster seems intent on a closer date, saying, “I do not intend to wait another forty-nine years to work with him again.”

We can only hope that the new effort, about a brutish Ogre who meets a kindly girl “who teaches him a lesson he is not likely to forget,” features the same exuberant wordplay and sheer paradoxical fun that made Tollbooth such an enduring classic. Personally, I know that whether Ogre ends up being the world’s longest short book or the world’s shortest long book, I’ll be looking forward to it. What about you? Any Tollbooth attendants out there?

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