Mandi Bierly
October 09, 2009 AT 08:45 PM EDT

ABC has released photos from the Oct. 26 episode of Castle title “Vampire Weekend.” Per the episode synopsis, “As Halloween approaches, Castle and Beckett are called to a graveyard where the body of a young man sporting vampire fangs has been discovered with a wooden stake driven through his heart. Their investigation takes them deep into the heart of New York’s underground Vampire Fetish Community, where they learn that the secret motive for the victim’s murder may be hiding within the pages of the graphic novel he was writing before his death.” I can hear Castle’s Buffy, Twilight and True Blood references now, and I like it.

What do you think of their costumes? I’m guessing Beckett is a classic femme fatale (or perhaps Nikki Heat), and Castle is Edgar Allan Poe. Then, I’m thinking we’ve got ourselves a Doogie Howser, M.D., a Cruella De Vil, a Catwoman, and the guy from The Hurt Locker?

Photo Credit: Michael Desmond/ABC

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