Leah Greenblatt
October 14, 2009 AT 02:11 PM EDT

You probably know Orba Squara, a.k.a. NYC singer-songwriter Mitch Davis best for the original iPhone soundtracker “Perfect Timing (This Morning)” and the eye-scrambling “Gravel” video.

As for Billy Squier, well — but for him, we wouldn’t have the ’80s AM-radio rock classics “The Stroke,” “My Kinda Lover” and “Rock Me Tonight” without him. Also: this hair. (Now sadly shorn; see photo, with Squier on the right.)

And so, the twain shall meet! Which they do, on the upcoming Squara album The Trouble With Flying, out October 27. According to Davis’ publicist, “After a fortuitous meeting backstage, Davis handed his childhood hero a copy of [his 2007 debut] sunshyness and the two started collaborating. Squier co-wrote and is featured on two of the album tracks.” Stream one, “Tell Me,” below:

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