Margaret Lyons
October 19, 2009 AT 11:10 PM EDT

Gleeks, I have a confession to make: I have been a teeeeeny bit down on my fave new show of the season. I just can’t get excited about either pregnancy plot — and seriously, Will and Terri Schuester’s “baby” storyline is severely straining the credibility of the show’s fragile universe — and the series is over-relying on Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester for both comic relief and conflict.

However! These clips from upcoming episodes are putting the Glee pep back in my step. SPOILER ALERT: These clips are spoilery. Spoiler cat gets spoiled, etc.

Can the Mohawk-ed Puck do for “Sweet Caroline” what Heath Ledger’s Patrick did for “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”? Looks like yes:

Hmm, looks like Rachel and Puck are into each other a little? Maybe? Ruck? Prachel?

Mr. Schuester “busts a move,” which….no.

Aaaand finally, he does “The Thong Song.” Again, no.

I for one am so on board with BWE’s petition to “stop forcing Glee Club director Mr. Will Schuester, played by Broadway actor Matthew Morrison, into performing highly embarrassing rap and/or R&B numbers on national television.” Truth!

Okay, Glee fans: These clips make me more excited for upcoming episodes. On a scale of Quinn-chilly to Rachel-pep, how much are you looking forward to the next few Wednesdays?

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