Annie Barrett
October 19, 2009 AT 09:55 PM EDT

Ironic headline alert for a blog item effectively publicizing a product! Is anyone else sort of bewildered by the commercial for upcoming iPhone competitor Droid? The abrupt tempo change and graphics at the end screamed “Star Wars-themed gaming system!” to me when I saw it last night, and sidenote: the two dots under the “R” in the “DROID” logo vaguely remind me of “a gun.”

Verizon hasn’t bothered to provide its rapt viewing audience with an image of the thing (though tech blogger Boy Genius has a bunch. He loves it!) Maybe I just can’t handle the idea of there being something cooler than the iPhone. My denial will last for days and days. What about you, P-droids — does the TV spot have you intrigued or annoyed?

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